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Mechanical Production

The first steps in the manufacturing mainly starts with brass but also with precious metal. Here, the stamping, embossing, welding, turning, diamond cutting, grinding and polishing take place.

CNC Production

Not only the CNC- drilling and milling, but also the CNC-engraving and guilloche pattern takes place here. In 3-, 4- and 5- axes CNC-machining centers components for dials, applications, platines and bridges are created.

Additionally, we have a CNC-measuring machine available in order to be able to realize and deliver high accuracy.



The manifold surface treatments, like brushing, sandblasting and effects, build up an exhaustless variety in combination with the galvanic baths.

The following colours are available: black, ruthenium, anthrazite, rhodium, nickel, silver, 1N – 5N gold, blue

Paint shop

Here we use different types of paint. Transparent lacquers protect galvanic surfaces from oxidation or create completely new possibilities through the addition of pigments. Full tone are mixed according to Pantone or RAL…


The tampon printing and screen printing process are put into effect in air-conditioned and under clean room conditions.